Based on an increasingly popular trend for the restoration and reinstallation of original floor tiles the Vintage Floor Tile Company was created in 2012 supplying original geometric and encaustic tiles including the major historical suppliers Minton, Craven Dunnill amongst others from our stock of many thousands of reclaimed tiles.

We suggest you make an appointment if you would like advice on the tiles and patterns to ensure the appropriate staff are available.

ATiles from The Vintage Floor Tile Company are supplied clean and ready to be laid,  we can work with you on the design to provide you with exactly the right tiles for your project. We can also supply reclaimed quarry tiles. For details of the full in-house restoration service please refer to restoration or contact us with any questions.

Our original reclaimed stock is the largest in the UK and covers many tile styles from the Victorian and Edwardian era. We have a large showroom (infact we have one whole room dedicated to tiles)  where you can view examples of complete floors, individual geometric tiles and encaustic tiles.

You are welcome to come and visit our large showroom in Kent and view the many tiles we have on display and discuss your flooring requirements with our team. To ensure we can dedicate enough time to you and your floor, please book an appointment.